I have a website for example www.site.com, I got also a Google AdWords account, and I got some vouchers from many of my friends around the world.

Now I'm wondering if I can use all these vouchers to promote my website in my AdWords champaign since they are some from USA and some from UK, and as far as I know they should be used in the country were you got them.

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Google only allows an AdWords account to use one voucher. If you have multiple vouchers from different friends, use the most valuable one. The only way to get around it appears to be to create multiple AdWords accounts and use one voucher per account. Doing so will not put you in the Google graces of Google and your accounts will be shut down if they catch you.


I accidentally managed to use two vouchers on one AdWords account: while creating it I entered a voucher code, got an error message and entered another voucher code. After the first payment (which is a requirement for those vouchers), both voucher codes were added to my account.

However, I can't add new voucher codes to this account anymore. This trick only seemed to work while creating the account, and perhaps even that was a glitch from Google.

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