I am starting a new website, and I expect only to have few daily visitors for the first month.

I know how +1s on the different pages could help the rank of that specific page in Google search. but we also know that each follower to the Google+ page also counts as a +1 for the linked homepage.

Considering the age of website and its few visitors, I wonder if I should include a +1 button on each page, or if it would be better to include a profile badge or follow button on each page and focus all the benefit on the homepage and Google+ page?

I know I could use all buttons and badge together, but I don't want to confuse the visitors with too many options.

In other words, for a new website, is it enough to only make the homepage popular on Google, or should we do this for all pages from the beginning?

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I haven't seen any evidence that social signals give your site enough traction to make implementation of the +1 button worth it from an SEO perspective. If you are hoping for viral growth driven by sharing on social networks, then a +1 button (and facebook like button) should be a number one priority.

You should create pages for your site on each of the social networks:

  • It prevents squatters coming along and doing it before you get to it
  • Those pages often appear in the search results for your brand name -- its nice to have sites you control monopolizing the first page.

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