I heard an SEO guy talk about a site he is seeing good results for, but that site was set up for SEO from its creation.

I presume this is not on page optimisation related since the context was sitewide and hard to replicate. If you want to set up a site with SEO in mind from the go what is needed.

All I can think of is having 100s or more pages of content being SEO friendly Vs a site that has 20 pages that it needs.

What else could he be referring to?


All it means is that he kept SEO in mind from the beginning of the construction of the website (semantic markup, good usability, good accessibility, etc). (Really, if a site is built properly, it is SE friendly by default but that's a discussion for another time).

FYI, quantity of content does not equal quality of content. Quality of content is what affects SEO, not quantity.

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    thats what I was thinking. I guess there was some sales speak involved. thanks – Jon Jul 8 '13 at 14:07

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