I make a lot of use of Google Analytics - Google has reasonable tracking for location of users so I can tell where users come from. I know it is not 100% but it gives an idea.

In the wake of Prism it is possible that more people will make use of networks such as tor for anonymous browsing. I have no problem with this, people can wear tin foil hats while browsing my site for all I care, but it will lead to more erroneous stats.

Is there any way to flag traffic as coming from TOR, so I can filter location reports not to include it, and to get an idea of the percentage of traffic which does use it?

Has anyone actually tried this?

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A comprehensive list of Tor exit node IP addresses is already made public by the Tor project (remember that these addresses tend to change over time).

Combine said IP addresses with Google Analytics' filtering options and I'm sure it can be done.

This section of Tor's FAQ may also be useful to you, so might TorDNSEL.

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