I want to use a Google Translate widget/plugin on my website. The website is written in English and has AdSense code embedded in it. The website is aimed at a global market, but because of the niche I expect them to use English. Despite that, I'd like to make translation available to all those who need it.


Am I violating adsense TOS by allowing google translate widget to translate into unsupported AdSense languages? Do I have to restrict the languages that can be translated to adsense supported languages only?

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I ended up emailing Google.


If my website is written in English, but I allow my visitors to temporarily translate the page using the Google Translate tool, do I need to remove unsupported adsense languages from the Google Translate tool? Since the translation is a temporary one I assume that the language is primarily in English and thus not in violation of AdSense TOS. Am I wrong? Thanks for your time.



If the site is written in English, this will be fine.


I also posted this question on the Google Adsense forum. User Luzie added that

You'd violate the ToS if you'd let the search engines index automatic translations (they're deemed low quality and a bad user experience if presented as "content") - else I'd restrict ads to allowed languages.


According to Google Translate Help https://support.google.com/translate/?hl=en

The automatically translated version of your web page will not be indexed by search engines

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