I want the best possible SEO for my WordPress site. To do this, I made enhancements and used HTML5. The problem is that I don't know how to use particular tags. For instance, I have an article tag in a <section> tag. Is this good or not? Let me show you my snippet, than you can see it better...

<div id="wrapper" class="clearfix">
<nav id="menu">
<aside class="containing-links-to-posts">
<section id="content-section">
<div id="widgets">


<aside class="containing-links-to-posts> = left widget

<div id="widgets"> = right widget

<nav id="menu"> = navigation menu

<section id="content-section"> = the main section with the posts and comments in it

In <aside>, I got this:

<section id="index">
<nav id="partial-index">
<div class="widget-title">Today's posts</div>
<ul class="blabla">
Post name

Question: is this good? I am asking you this because I already had a nav and and a section (see above). I am afraid that using these tags too much will cause problems.

And last but not least, I have this in <section id="content-section">:

<section id="content-section">
<div class="content">
<span class="favorites">
<footer class="post-meta">
<div class="info">
<a class="entry-id">#32474</a>
<time class="timestamp" datetime="19-04-2013">19.04.2013 13:18</time>
<span class="author vcard">
<a class="url" rel="author">testauthor</a>
<span class="tags">
<img alt="tags" src="">
<a rel="tag" href="">test</a>

I think this is too much to put in an <article> tag, or not? The <article> tag is intended to get the POST CONTENT of a post... So that Google knows that that part is the content of an article.

I would appreciate all your help.

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To my knowledge, none of the major search engines have made any definite proclamations on HTML5 as it pertains to SEO. As a result, beyond the usual good practice of well-formed, semantically correct code, we can do little more than speculate on that front.

For advice on writing well-formed and semantically correct HTML5, I strongly recommend referring to the HTML5 Doctor blog. The contributors are people who work on the HTML specification and give very detailed, real world applications of new elements and attributes.

To briefly answer some of your questions, <article> should be a free-standing piece of content; something that could be removed from the context of your webpage and still make sense. It's fine to have <article> within a <section>, however the precise detail of when to use <section> instead of something else is quite involved, so I recommend reading HTML5 Doctor's article on that subject.

<nav> can be used multiple times in a page if that page has multiple, substantial navigational segments. So it'd be fine to have main navigation, a sidebar navigation, etc. encoded in <nav>s.

One thing to bear in mind is that HTML5 is still developing. <hgroup>, for example, has has already been retired, so you need to keep an eye on how the specification evolves.

  • Hmm, thanks Gdav, this is a nice answer. If there is nothing wrong with my own code, I will keep it that way. Of course I will look on to your links, which will be helpful. Thanks again!
    – BlackEagle
    Jun 21, 2013 at 12:04

One thing I would add is that Google does recognize the author tags. Doing a quick Google search - this looks like a good article to read: http://www.copyblogger.com/wordpress-google-authorship/

Also, use responsive templates - one url for desktop and mobile.


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