I want to buy a domain with the suffixes: .zone and .moe

I have found some sites that say you can pre-register them, which are listed below:

https://www.instra.com/en/domain-names/brand/zone-domain-registration/zone https://www.gandi.net/domain/gtld/eoi?word=zone.zone http://www.101domain.com/domain-availability-search.htm

For now, it's seems I cannot pre-register a domain with those suffixes.

I have 2 questions about this:

  1. Does anyone know if above websites are trustable?

  2. If normal domain sellers will sell these suffixes, when can I get this information? I think it would be too late after I know it.


It's not possible to pre-register or register a domain directly from ICANN, unless you are an Accredited Domain Registrar.

Generic top-level domains (gTLD) can be pre-registerd at domain registrars only after they are approved to do so by ICANN.

Without commenting on the trust-worthiness of the URL's you listed in any way, ICANN warns:

1.9 Can I pre-register a second-level domain name?
Be wary of anyone who claims to be able to reserve your place in line for a second-level registration for one of these new gTLDs. Not only can no one predict which TLDs will be available, but the new TLD operator may choose not to sell second-level registrations.

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