I have a website, the main target audience from two countries. In the Google Webmaster Tools you just can choose one location.

Do I need to do something or just leave it alone?

  • But having 2 identical pages: www.example.com/ www.example.com/uk/ wouldn't Google take this as duplication and punish you for it? – user29381 Jul 5 '13 at 8:06

Yes you can geotarget a website to multiple counties, but first you must split the website into country specific sections, either using sub-domains or sub-directories. Then these sections of the site can be separately geotargeted in Google Webmaster Tools.


You might have your main website that targets the US: www.example.com.

Then if you wanted to geotarget the UK, you would need to create either a sub-domain or sub-folder such as:


Then in Google Webmaster Tools, you can select the sub-directory or sub-domain and apply the geo-target.

More info on multinational websites and geotargeting can be found here and here.

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