I was asked a question from a friend if he should redirect his-domain.com to www.his-domain.com.

I answered him that it seems more intuitive to just make both work. So if you enter by his-domain.com you get to his-domain.com and if you enter www.his-domain.com you get to www.his-domain.com. This is what I do on my sites. I have an ServerAlias in my apache.conf file that says ServerAlias my-domain.com *.my-domain.com

But to my surprise,most major sites seems to take the redirect approach. Which I can understand if the sites are using SSL. But if they are not, I don't.

So are there any objective reasons to choose one instead of the other?

More nuanced edit

It would be nice if you read my question before closing it. But from the reactions I get I guess the answer could be something like:

"Don't make both www.domain.com and domain.com work side by side. Nobody does that. Just redirect one to the other".

Even if none is willing to give a technical answer to my question I would hope someone could have answered at least that instead of closing as a duplicate and refering to different question (which to some degree was related)

  • Also worth checking out: webmasters.stackexchange.com/questions/507/… May 24, 2013 at 10:19
  • Please read more than the first sentence before closing a question. The question was not about what you thought... May 24, 2013 at 10:35
  • A more suitable closing link has been provided, without engaging into further discussion if you feel that this is a unique question and not answered anywhere else on the site in various forms please edit your question, or use the meta.webmasters.stackexchange.com to discuss this issue further. May 24, 2013 at 10:38
  • Well, I reacted i little childish and don't need to go on with this :) I feel that I got some kind of answer even though my question was misunderstood (none of the other ops was asking the same question as I was). But that might be my own fault, I could have made the question more clear. Thnx... May 24, 2013 at 10:41


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