Google Webmaster Stats

I'd want to show some stats much like the Google Webmaster Tools with the following things:

  • crawl stats,
  • links to your site,
  • structured data,
  • etc.

What is the way to get these stats from Google Webmaster Tools? I searched for it, but couldn't find a sufficient answer. Thanks a lot for any pointers.


A starting point is to check the Google Webmaster Tools API - Developers Guide, where pretty much all your answers are covered. Unfortunately, this only outputs information about domains you have verified yourself through the GWT. It does not work on third party domains!

That said, there are a plethory of tools, API's (see Programmableweb.com, Mashape) and other code snippets on the web (such as the splendid SEOStats by eyecatchup) that in some form enables you to put together your own set of domain information tool.

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