I am a web administrator to the site Nrityakalamandiram

In the long run, I want the site's appearance not to conspicuously vary from browser to browser. I would like my site to appear and function exactly as I want it to, at least in the most popular browsers like Firefox, IE, Chrome, Chromium.

As a step toward this I would like to get one thing sorted out

See http://www.nritykalamandiram.in/home/gallery.html

I opened it in Firefox, the album name "THE DIRECTOR" is just above the black box in which the photo gallery lies:

Appearance in Firefox Browser

I opened it in Chromium, the same page appears thus:

Appearance in Chromium Browser

What I have done as follows: Inside a element I have written the album name as per user's click (on the left side is a list of albums) and below it, displayed the gallery box. The mother is intended to be transparent like. To achieve this I appended "background-color:transparent" to the "style" property of

This is ineffective in Firefox but not in Chromium as one sees - in the latter picture attached - a white patch to the left and above the gallery box!

It is evident from above that

    <div style="background-color:transparent..." ... >

does not serve the purpose uniformly for all browsers.

I am perhaps too fussy about a seemingly negligible aberration such as this, but somehow the white patches are jarring.

In light of the above I have a question:

Is there a code that achieves the transparency of the mother as described above, uniformly for all popular browsers?


The problem is the way chrome treats iframes, since you are embedding an iframe it is giving the HTML/BODY a white background by default and this is inherited.

You should opt to embed the gallery without an iframe and then you can properly style this element.

  • You mean I should do it without <frame> element? – user28030 May 20 '13 at 17:48
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