Is it possible to add code to a static, local HTML file on my computer, so that whenever I open the local file with a web browser (file:///C/Users/...), and assuming that the computer is connected to the Internet, my access will be tracked using Google Analytics or a similar service?

  • Can you tell us why, having some context around this would be helpful. – tim.baker Nov 17 '13 at 12:49

A simple solution, although messy, is to have a iframe, set to a tiny size calling a page on a server which has google analytics. I imagine this is to allow you to do some sort of project tracking, Google Analytics would allow you to have a breakdown of time spent etc.


I don't know what exactly you want to track. ManicTime is an application which can record everything that is done on a computer like opening documents, computer uptime, visited websites and so on.

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