I know this sounds like a stupid/obvious question, but when I try to retrieve the page rank of my blog using online tools, I don't get any result.

My blog is know as http://tshikatshikaaa.blogspot.nl/, and has a subdomain URL pointing to it: http://technotes.tostaky.biz/.

Is there any way I can retrieve the PageRank for my blog?

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Many online pagerank checkers use cached results and therefor the results can be old or you may even find that your site is not listed.

Use a ToolBar

You should use a toolbar for your browser to view real time page ranks, here's a few:

Pagerank for technotes.tostaky.biz

The current pagerank on the front page for technotes.tostaky.biz is PR0, we are currentlying awaiting a new page rank from Google shortly.. To view the estimated dates of the PR updates from Google go here: Google Rank Page, Next upcoming updates..

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