However, there Webmaster Tools does not - and never has. And we have never had a message via Webmaster Tools or Analytics that we have malware.

To quote Google:

[The Malware Team] have looked at the most recent scan and have found that your site is not actually clean. You are using a redirect on your landing page which is the site that is causing the problem.

And then I am advised to:

Check your site request logs to find the bad domain and resolve the issue.

What should I look for in my request logs, has anyone else experienced a similar situation?

Obviously as far as I am aware we have no malware, we had a couple of redirects in htaccess but they were not on landing/homepage and have were just normal redirects that have not caused a problem elsewhere (and are now removed). It's a WordPress site.

  • pretty impossible to answer without more details or the url. Although it seems likely that google are right.
    – JamesRyan
    Commented May 1, 2013 at 14:15
  • @JamesRyan www.asla.co.uk Commented May 1, 2013 at 14:33
  • Is this the url under adwords though? Doesn't seem to redirect unless that is agent/geo specific.
    – JamesRyan
    Commented May 1, 2013 at 15:45
  • we have no redirects anywhere on our site ! Google wont tell us which url is causign the problem. I think they have screwed up as don't understand why adwords says one thing and the web master tools say somethign different. Commented May 1, 2013 at 16:04
  • no kind of domain name forwarding with your dns?
    – JamesRyan
    Commented May 1, 2013 at 16:28

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Some time it happens that the website get infected by malicious activities and we are not aware of it. Try using some anti-malware scan utilities and find out malicious code that may be inserted on your website.

I had a client who faced the same problem and we found some <iframe> that was inserted by someone on his WordPress website. We removed that <iframe> and filed re-inclusion request in Google Webmaster Tool. It started working fine in 2 days.

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