I'm building a diet directory on my weight loss site, and the structure for those diet descriptions will be similar (the actual content will be unique though).

Here are some examples of the similarities that the diet descriptions will have: how does the diet work? will be in every diet description. Also the title for every diet will be something along the lines of Diet X reviews and information, with the reviews and information part being the same across all diet descriptions.

Can having many titles that are similar to each other in that way, and also having some h2 headings that are identical across articles hurt the SEO rankings of those articles?

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Regarding the content I would say that having the same structure will not hurt SEO, as long as the content itself is really unique. It is like recipes, they all have ingredients and a description, but are unique.

I personally would try to have the h2 headings unique and not identical across the articles or try to put the name of the diet into the h2 tags like how does the NAME diet work?. Having all the same h2 will not hurt SEO but having them more unique might help your site.

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