.cur is an image extension for mouse cursors.

I have purchased a custom domain via Blogger. Unlike WordPress, Blogger does not have any directory of webfiles or something where things can be uploaded.

I need to change the default cursor of my mouse in my website. Unfortunately, Google's Picasa or Imageshack/Phobucket do not support .cur files.

I found some other image sites while googling but all are old image hosting services which no longer exist.

I tried Dropbox, Google code but they provide a link to download the .cur image and not actually give a URL which I can link in my CSS.

Is there any way to host .cur images?


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The reason the file is just downloading rather than processing correctly is that you need to setup the MIME list to support this. It's doubtful that this is possible on Google Code or Picassa and you will need to use a proper hosting account or a CDN that allows adding of custom MIME.

You'd need to use the following MIME code image/vnd.microsoft.icon .cur .ico


The answer from StackOverflow:

Do you really need to keep this file in the .cur format? Isn't converting it to, say, .png an option?

I'm not even sure every browser/OS out there supports .cur (though I've seen examples online with this format, so I might be mistaken). Converting to a more standard format might ensure better portability, besides saving you the hassle of looking for a host with such specific requirements.

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