I recently looked at my list of referrers (ie, previous page the user was on), and one odd one is a link like http://g1sense.int.godaddy.com:15871/cgi-bin/blockOptions.cgi?ws-session=3372311093.

The domain name just redirects back to godaddy.com though and going to the link doesn't seem to actually do anything. The odd thing is, I'm not the only one seeing this mystery referrer according to Google.

Because it seems so widespread, can anyone tell me what this is? Is my site being blocked by a user or in some other way?

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That is nothing to worry about – it is actually a proxy filter from a piece of software called Websense. It is documented here on Websense software's official website:


I can only speculate that GoDaddy must employ the use of this software in their infrastructure. Either way, it is not really a problem from a webmaster's perspective.


I had the same thing just happen and the visitor's IP resolved to Scottsdale, Arizona, USA; which is where the GoDaddy headquarters is.

Also, seeing the .int in the URL leads me to believe this is an internal system that GoDaddy employees use.

Further, I have been in contact with GoDaddy's domain disputes department regarding this domain name recently, which further leads me to believe that this system is some sort of online ticketing system.

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