I have an SEO concern with a website that has just finished the development stage, basically the site has been in progress for a year. During this period the site has been accessible from the URL: /home/index.php along with a landing page (construction) at: /

It is time to launch and I need to know what to do. Should I go through the site and change all links to the homepage to the site root index (where the construction page currently is), or can I do some form of redirecting that will not negatively effect SEO.

Can I 301 redirect /index.php to go to /home/ OR should I move the homepage content to /index.php and do a redirect on /home/index.php to point to the site root index.php

What is the best solution that is SEO friendly?


The best solution in terms of SEO would be to ensure that your homepage loads at / (root) and all other possible variations redirect to / accordingly.

This of course depends on exactly what you have loading at / currently however and what platform / CMS your site sits on.

Typically, you would look to 301 redirect /index.php and /home and /home/index.php to / and ensure that your homepage content resides at /. All of which can be implemented via your root .htaccess on an Apache server. Then serve / (www.domain.com) as the canonical URL for your homepage.

If you require more depth to this answer, please advise what content is currently served in your site's root and what CMS / platform your site is using.

  • Yes, I was figuring this was the case. I think best scenario is just to take the time to get the files in the right place, and the links pointing to the right location. index.php belongs at / – Andreww Mar 28 '13 at 14:22
  • It would likely be better to use RewriteRule for this as well by the way. Best of luck with it. – zigojacko Mar 28 '13 at 14:53

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