How can I clear the "crawl errors" of Google webmaster tools? On my webmaster tools page, there are some "Not found" crawl errors dating back two years which I cleared up a long time ago, but they are still hanging around on webmaster tools. I thought they would go away naturally once the mistaken links were fixed, but they don't seem to. Is there any way to clear old crawl errors manually?

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    I too am having this error, although mine date back as far as 2 years. And have not found a solution.
    – user5719
    Feb 28, 2011 at 19:19
  • hey like i put ma site.. n crawl found 25 errors 404 but wat link it shows to me when i am opening it they are working well but why it says itz a error :S plzz tell me how to fix it
    – user6638
    Apr 7, 2011 at 0:07

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You can resolve 404 errors (and get them to stop appearing in Webmaster Tools) by implementing a 301 redirect from the old URI to a valid URI - if the links were incorrect to begin with, go ahead and redirect them to the content they were supposed to link to.

  • The point is that the page they say links to the page no longer links to it.
    – delete
    Oct 29, 2010 at 11:00
  • @Kinopiko - It's still a good idea to alert Googlebot to the change with a 301 redirect.
    – danlefree
    Oct 29, 2010 at 12:10

You can only "clear" the errors by fixing them. If the pages return 404 Not Found then that is still an error. It's likely that the page is being linked from somewhere else on the web.

If there is an equivalent page, add a 301 redirect to that page and the error will disappear in a few weeks.

Look at where the 404 link comes from and see if you are able to fix it. For example if it's from a blog post, the site owner may be interested in fixing it. If it's from a forum you are probably out of luck.

EDIT based on comment: if the page no longer links to you, check that google's cache of the page isn't an old one. If the link was only recently removed it will take several weeks for GWT to update.


I've done 301 redirects when you click now on the 404 page it goes to where it should but the error won't clear from webmaster tools and its been more than a month almost 2 , additionally a bunch of non existing pages that where at some point on the sitemap but have since been removed and the sitemap rebuilt still show as 404 , this pages BTW are not referenced on any external URL and no longer exist on the site coding or sitemaps , sitemap crawling change time where updated to . still this errors remain like they are stuck on Google cache the pages BTW they are not indexed on Google the wrong URLs and the non existing .

so i've search and search and i found no answer on how to get Google to clear this pages that don't exixt and are not linked anywhere anymore


Steps to fix 404 not found webmaster tools errors (I assume you already know how to access .htaccess file of your wordpress blog):

  1. First and very crucial, backup your .htaccess file, by downloading it and save it in your hard drive.

  2. Once you done the step (1) above, go to your Google webmaster tools, copy the URL which causes 404 not found webmaster tools errors one by one, if you have many.

Copy it in notepad, that’s the easiest method.

  1. Go back to your .htaccess file, add this code:

redirect 301 /2010/02/13/change-homelink-to-your-own-created-page http://www.timesnewstoday.com/change-homelink-to-your-own-created-page

The code above should be in one line. That’s one of my example post that i did redirect.

Replace my URL address with yours.

What that code will do, is redirected the 404 not found webmaster tools errors URL old page to the new one.