Is there a method of adding websites in bulk to Google Webmaster Tools?

My host username and password were hacked and all of my sites were injected with malicious scripts. I've cleaned everything up but the sites were d-listed and no longer show up in google search. I need to request reviews for ~150 sites but first I need to add them all to the webmaster tools.

Any non-tedious way of doing this?


You will not only need to add the websites, you will also need to add the webmaster tools verification code to each.

150 websites does not sound like a lot, you might spend a day doing it - but it will take you less time than writing scripts to do it for you. If you have friends who can help - just split the work and ask each of them to add the 50-75 websites on his list.

If you have 10,000+ websites to add ... then I would suggest writing some script to do it. But for just 150 manually is usually faster.

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