I am trying to work on my website, which is for a mobile application. While I can put an image of my app screenshot on my website, what I am not sure how to do is to create a shiny device image like most websites which promote apps.

For example, path.com is a popular app. On their website, on the right side, is an image of a device and inside the device is a screen shot. How could I make that?


They are done by taking a screen shot of your app, and then placing that inside of a device PSD (Photoshop file) template which you can find by just Googling for "device name PSD" - for instance here is a iPhone 5 PSD template.

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Placeit will do it for you. Pretty slick. And free.

You could also pay a designer about $5 to insert a screen shot (that's what we did).

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Though the PSD mock-up is the norm, I've also loaded a screenshot of an app I'm developing onto my phone and displayed it fullscreen. Then I take a picture of it. This to me looks the most realistic as you can even see the pixels on the phone.

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    Unless one has access to a green screen and good lightning such a picture might end up looking bad. – user555 May 22 '13 at 13:41

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