I'm trying to find out if there's a way to form a Google query to quickly find out what position you are for a search term.

I know that Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics has something similar but I don't find it accurate.

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If you know the keywords that you want to check the position of then you can use any of the following:

If you want detailed reports on all the keywords and positions that you may not even be aware of your ranking for... then sadly your need to look at a paid service, you can get such reports using some of the following sites:following:

To check the difference between them you can take a look at Raven vs SeoProfiler vs SEOMoz, its worth noting that while these display keyword rankings they also offer many other solutions how to rank better, there may be a cheaper option than these without the other perks but I don't know of any so maybe someone else can help if your on a tight budget.

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    It should be noted that any "rank checker" is certain to break Google's TOS. Commented Mar 9, 2013 at 23:02

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