Simple question - Should I Include the RSS Feed URLs in my site's XML Sitemap?

I am NOT asking whether I should USE an RSS Feed AS an XML sitemap, but rather, should I include the URLs to the various RSS feeds on my site in my XML Sitemap?

I am looking for both general advice, and/or pointers to any relevant documentation supporting an answer to my question.

Thanks in advance.

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No you shouldn't include them in a regular sitemap, as they are not web pages. Even so, they are essentially just links to actual pages in your site.

However, it should be fine to include them in a sitemap index file, because Google recognises RSS feeds as sitemaps.

  • Regarding your second point, this is only advisable if the rss feed content is not already contained in a formal xml sitemap.
    – GWR
    Commented Mar 7, 2013 at 18:35

Don't include RSS feed urls in your sitemap. RSS feeds don't make good landing pages. I've never seen any evidence that Google wants to index them. As such, they are not a good fit for sitemap inclusion. They will clutter up the webmaster tools stats of the pages that you do care about. They won't provide any benefit to Google.

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