I am developing a back link tool for Chinese SEO (our web site URL is:

http://link.aizhan.com just like ahrefs.com.

I encountered a problem which is how to handle multiple pages of the same site with the same out links.

For example:

Most pages of bbs.chinaz.com have the same out links such as:



All of the pages have the same out links in the top of the page:

www.cnzz.com(anchor text:免费统计) 

Suppose I store these outlinks into database. The SEO will find there are six backlinks from bbs.chinaz.com of www.cnzz.com. This is obviously no sense for the SEO.

Can you tell me how do you deal with this problem?


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I use quite a few backlink toos, so I can tell you what I would like to see:

How many backlinks from a domain How many pages from that domain are backlinking to me How many of my pages are being linked to from that domain.

With that, details on the link text (or image based), nofollow status and the status of the landing page (is it missing) are also important.

Your database needs to be structured so it can manipulate the data in many ways. Entities could be domain, page and link where page and link have a many to many relationship.

  • yeah. It is very important how to design database model. Seoer may search backlinks by domain and anchortext(Fuzzy Search by anchortext),so I need to use Full-text search Tool.But there is another problem which is Full-text search Tool is not good for many to many or one to many relationship
    – pandafromchina
    Commented Mar 4, 2013 at 9:13

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