Recently I noticed some mentions of my Website, or a whole story but without a link.

I was wondering is there a way to search for my brand name and filter for pages which do not link to my website?

I am aware of Google alerts and Yahoo Pipes, but it seems those will only work for the future, but not for old mentions.

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This search works pretty well on Google for my site

example.com -link:example.com -inurl:example.com
  • thats interesting. I cant locate the websites i know dont have links, and im getting websites as result which do have a link. Do you happen to know if I can use wildcard in this like -link:*example.com*? Mar 1, 2013 at 21:22
  • For my site it is finding plenty of sites that mention but don't link to my site, but it's certainly not perfect. Google doesn't really support "link:" queries that include other search terms. They do this on purpose to make it hard to game their search algorithm. Mar 1, 2013 at 21:36
  • bleh - i guess I have to write a nasty pregmatch type crawler and check those 56k pages for no links. good times. Mar 2, 2013 at 0:56

Try using ahrefs.com, they have launched a tool which allows you to find sites that mentioned your brand.

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