Can I create a symbolic link from an ftp server (file on website) to a Dropbox URL? I'm trying and it's seeming to work correctly. My problem is a video isn't playing correctly on my site, but I know it plays perfectly every time for the Dropbox URL. Rather than sendign out notification that the link has changed once more, I thought I could create a symlink to the new file

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Unlike HTTP, the FTP protocol does not include any statuses that indicate that a resource has moved. Here is the list of all statuses that FTP servers can return. None of the responses can indicate that a document has moved or is in a different location.

The best that you are going to be able to do is put a document in that location saying that the resource has moved. If the ftp downloads are done using a web browser, they might honor a document with a meta refresh in it. Put an HTML document there like this and see what happens:

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;url=http://dropbox.com/myfile">
This document has moved to <a href="http://dropbox.com/myfile">http://dropbox.com/myfile</a>

So, I figured out I needed a different solution than what I was looking for. I added a RedirectPermanent /old_page http//www.newawesomesite.com/old_page to the .htaccess file, which cleared it up my problem nicely. Thanks.

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