If I compare three phrases in google trends :

  • house
  • sale house
  • white house

I get the following numbers:

  • house -> 91
  • sale house -> 3
  • white house -> 2

The question is: Is "sale house" and "white house" already included in the number 91?

It is an important question, because if it is true, than:

  • house_except_sale_house + sale_house = 91
  • sale_house = 3

Which means I have to compare 88 and 3, if I compare "house" and "sale house"

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When you use just house it is not exact, it also talies broader queries that contain the term. The documentation states:

To compare up to 5 searches, separate them with commas: "table tennis", squash, handball

To find any of several terms, separate them with plus signs: tennis + squash

Put exact phrases in quotes: "table tennis"

Put a minus sign before a word you don't want: wimbledon -tennis

Putting quotes around "house" doesn't make any difference as far as I can see, but using house -sale -white does reduce the numbers by the amount you would expect.

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