Is there any Firefox plugin that allows to change how Firefox perform name resolution? I want to override the system-wide hostname resolver to attach some IP to certain hostnames.

Let me explain. Let's say I'm developing a new website and I want to test using the actual hostname but my site is run by a local webserver, I'd like to do this:

System-wide resolver: www.domain.com --->
Ovveride by addon:    www.domain.com --->

Is there anything like this? Thank you.


You don't even need a plugin to do that. You can do it with the proxy settings. Specifically, you can use the proxy auto-configuration option with a PAC file that you create. The PAC file is written in javascript. For you it might look something like this:

function FindProxyForURL(url, host) {
    if (host=='www.domain.com'){
        return 'PROXY';
    // All other domains should connect directly without a proxy
    return "DIRECT";

Save this as my-proxy.pac file and point the proxy auto-configuration at it.

For more information on proxy autoconfiguration, see wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proxy_auto-config


There are many Firefox add-ons that do just this:

  • HostAdmin
  • ChangeHosts
  • SwitchHosts

A search for "Firefox hosts add-on" will yield a whole lot more.

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