Can I monitor how long my server remains down on Godaddy shared hosting service?

I have noticed myself once that for several minutes it was down, then back again. It will be helpful if I could see actually how long its getting down per week/month.

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Pingdom seems to be a popular tool for monitoring web site uptime. I haven't used it myself but they do provide SMS and email alerting.


I understand that there is an accepted answer for Pingdom but when I reviewed their user model I noticed they really didn't have a free solution. After further researching I ran across Uptime Robot although the free edition is for every 5 minute interval but I've been testing it for awhile with good returns.

Since I do not like to just provide an external link there is another solution but I'm only familiar with doing it on a Mac but it could be easily converted to be used with any Linux operating system, like Ubuntu, but I don't use Windows much so I'm unsure of a solution for that.

On my Mac I can use CRON but I prefer launchd, I just simply create a launchd file, reference launchd Usage or Creating and writing into .plist with Terminal OR bah script to run every minute, and with that I can fire a cURL command:

curl -I http://www.example.org

to return the status code, reference Getting curl to output HTTP status code?. With that information you can push into a text file or even a CSV file the time and status code to decipher the exact time frame you're down.

If you wanted to extend your script for the Mac you could take it a step further and integrate TextBelt to send a SMS, reference Is there any way to send sms to a mobile number using shell script?:

curl http://textbelt.com/text -d number=5551551555 -d "message=hello from OSXDaily.com"

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