I'm working on a small project that will likely run on Wordpress, I always like to run some split testing to improve conversion rates for various goals. Typically if its a small site that I either don't have a budget for or want to keep it as inexpensive as possible I use Google Website Optimizer if I do have a budget I go with Visual Website Optimizer both are great and affordable, but for fun I was checking out alternatives and found Genetify which is an open source project and has some neat features. In searching around I don't see many people talking about it and wondered if anyone here has used it. If so what do you think about it?

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In the past, I've done limited A/B testing and just used a modulus operator on the page to split on a random number. Then I showed one or the other items, and tracked in the log file...

Not ideal I know.

I did see this though that may give you more info down the path you're looking for...


It mentions a comparison between google and genetify...



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