I'd like to see as much tracking data as possible about my online presence, in one single dashboard - so views/conversions from Google Analytics data, the performance of my Facebook campaigns via the Insights API, views/clicks from my YouTube campaigns, etc.

This could be as simple as a graph with time on the x-axis, and key indicators from each source on the y-axis (conversions from Analytics, likes on Facebook, views on YouTube, etc).

The idea is that I can see customer engagement with each source, over time.

I can write my own such dashboard easily enough, but I wondered if there was something off-the-shelf that already did this.

Apologies if this isn't the right forum for such a question - would appreciate tips for the best place to ask.

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Integrating Google Analytics and Youtube is pretty easy. Plus you can create custom dashboards in GA to display whatever information you want.

How to integrate Youtube with Google Analytics


This post https://stackoverflow.com/a/7878917/804087 on SO discusses ways to get facebook data into GA.

And this dashboard is very popular to show all social media in one dashboard in GA http://www.customreportsharing.com/topic/40-social-media-dashboard/

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