I have been looking around to try and find some confirmation and clarity on the limit of pageviews that Google allow per month for a Google Analytics account.

I have read that the limit of hits per month is 10,000,000, and the limit of pageviews is 5,000,000. Putting 2 and 2 together I am thinking this is to allow the other 5,000,000 for events and social clicks and the like?

Google's documentation states 5 million, but the hits/pageviews is a bit of a grey area as I've read suggestions that the limit can be considered as 10 million.


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The limit is 5 000 000 pageviews per month as registered by Google Analytics (just open your report to see how many you have). It cannot be considered as 10m. No idea where you read that, but don't believe everything that's posted on the Internet ;)

Per Google:

This free version is limited to 5 million pageviews a month - however, users with an active Google AdWords account are given unlimited pageview tracking. In addition, Google Analytics is completely integrated into the AdWords front-end and with your AdWords campaign, making it easy to track your AdWords ROI.

So, there are two ways of avoiding this limit:

  1. Paying for Google Analytics pro service (expensive)
  2. Paying for AdWords campagin (even if you run small and cheap campagin - you are still free to use it)

Choice is yours :)

Other thing is that google tends to be very forgiving about that - I have a website that each year for a single month exceeded 5m pageviews and yet Google never complained nor asked for anything, so... happy me! ;)

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