How to make redirect /index.html -> / in Apache?

Redirect /index.html http://domain-name.com/

Is causeing infinite loop when opening home page.


It is most likely causing an infinite loop as they are the same. The default pages in Apache are index.html and index.htm.

If the browser does not request a file name the web server will return one of those files if it finds them. So When you go to http://domain-name.com you are actually viewing http://domain-name.com/index.html just without /index.html


Just do it the other way round, instead of redirecting to the domain example.com, tell the server which page to display when a user requests the domain directly.

In the .htaccess file you can write (this is the default anyway):

DirectoryIndex index.html

Now if somebody requests http://example.com the server will actually send back the index.html file, but the browser still displays http://example.com. If somebody requests http://example.com/index.html there is no reason not to deliver this page, as long as you do not link to this URL somewhere, nobody will ever request it in this form.


From an SEO perspective, if example.com/ and example.com/index.html are the same, use canonical links to address it.

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