For example: seo; web-development; site-maintenance; hosting; domain; ssl-certificate; etc.


FROM_ME: Stock-Photos; Logo; Legal; eCommerce_Shopping-Cart

FROM_Lèse_majesté: IP-for-SSL-CERT; Merchant-Account; Payment-Gateway_setup,fees; website-design_template,customization; CMS-Customization; ADs_PPC

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Re-reading the question, I think I should have just listed the different types of possible expenses rather than calculating the costs of different types of sites, so I'll try to do that now:

  • Domain registration (annual)
  • web hosting (monthly)
  • unique IP + SSL add-on (monthly/annual)
  • payment gateway (monthly + setup fee)
  • merchant account (monthly + setup fee)
  • design (one-off)
  • development (one-off)
  • usability testing (one-off)
  • SEM or PPC advertising (monthly)
    • one-off SEM costs like directory listing
  • analytics (monthly)

For businesses, there may be other expenses like e-mail marketing services, online PR platforms, competitive analysis tools/services, and auxiliary marketing research services.

  • @Lèse_majesté: Thanks, lots of info in your reply! So, yes, I've got lots of experience, been making websites over 15 years... just asking questions for myself and to get a better feel of how PW-SX works. Added your items to my question, and credited you. Again, thanks! – blunders Oct 11 '10 at 4:38
  • @blunders: yea, I realized that I wasn't answering the question you asked, so I simplified it to fit your format/question. That way you don't need to include it in your question (it's generally preferred that answers and questions are kept separate). – Lèse majesté Oct 11 '10 at 4:45
  • @Lèse_majesté: Wow, again, thanks! REALLY like your edit, nice. – blunders Oct 11 '10 at 4:52

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