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Why google is not showing links to my site in result?

If I google link:article-stack.com, it shows 4 interlinks in result.

  1. If it shows interlinks it should show > 250 links. But it is showing 4 only.
  2. Google webmaster is saying 8 external links. But google search is not showing it
  3. Previously it was showing 6 links

    a) 1 from stackoverflow b) 1 from wordpress c) 4 from my own site

then it came to 5. Now it is 4 only. While there are

a) 3-4 links on stackoverflow
b) 3-4 links on stackexchange
c) 3 links on wordpress
d) 4-5 links on sulekha

I already had checked that all external pages, which are pointing to my site, are indexed and cached by google.

Am i searching in wrong way?

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    See the answers for this question: webmasters.stackexchange.com/questions/3320/… that you asked two weeks ago about exactly the same thing. – Tim Fountain Oct 8 '10 at 8:22
  • thanks @Tim, but there are 3 questions which looks very much similar but having different sense. Question u marked wr related to link search only. this Qt is related to comparison b/w direct google search and google webmaster result. – Amit Kumar Gupta Oct 10 '10 at 5:58

As per my observation, I found that Google itself is not good for backlink search. Google direct search result and webmaster tools result contradict each other. As per @Simone Carletti suggestion, I tried www.majesticseo.com which giving more accuracy than other any other tool or search.

As per my knowledge, there is no option to close a question for any further comments and answers. Please suggest me if any.

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