I'm looking for a site analytics software (service or script) that must be easy to comprehend. GA is simply too much complicated and it misses some key features (for me).

Missing features are:

  • real time statistics (very important)
  • time spent on page (very important)

about the "time spent on page"... i do really need a statistics software that does not calculate the time between two page views.

this is not useful at all in my case. because i mostly do 1 pageview = 1 user

but something that logs, for example, every 10 seconds spent on a page

thank you in advance

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On Google Analytics you can go on the tab called "Home", then go to "Real time", and "Overview" for real time analytics. For time spent, i usually look at AW stats, which is not great, but apparently does the job. Just in canse you didn't know about the real time option on ga.


Have a look at Mint haveamint.com it might do what you're looking for.

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