Why did not docxconverter.com show up when I type docx converter in google? The closest match is www.docx-converter.com.

My question 1: What are the reasons for www.docxconverter.com not showing up?

My question 2: Which among the domain www.docxconverter.com and www.docx-converter.com is friendly with keyword phrase docx converter, and why?

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1) docxconverter.com is not indexed by Google
2) content is more important than the domain name for more information you can check How important is the domain name for SEO

  • Could you imagine if google didn't ignore parked and squatted sites? Oh the SEO horror! Oct 8, 2010 at 16:13
  1. There is no real website at docxconverter.com, it's just a domain-squatting page and has zero value. That same content is on literally thousands, maybe millions of pages. docx-converter.com on the other hand is a real site with content.

  2. Both are equal as far as I know (though there is a tiny chance non-hyphen will rank better). However, for users it's best to avoid hyphens in domain names, because they are easier to remember and dictate to others.

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