I just want to register the domain name for my spanish class and wonder, what domain name is beter for this purpose:

  • learningspanish.com or
  • ilearnspanish.com

Which one is better? The domain name must be English, but I don't know, what is better for Google and SEO - if learn or learning...

I would be grateful for your feedback and sorry if the explanation above is not understandable (I would try to explain it better).

Thank you

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    I like learningspanish.com better but yes they are already taken – clifgray Oct 24 '12 at 20:23

For one thing, both domains are already taken.

Also, I wouldn't burn too many calories on this. Even if the other one was free, they are both relevant.


Google recently rolled out a new update, where Exact Match Domain are not a bonus anymore (apparently). A lot is yet to be tested on this, but it looks like EDM lost all their power. Go for the domain that sounds better from a branding point of view.

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