I want to configure my site's name servers and all related stuff. I'm not able to find any good documentation steps to do it straight-forwardly without understanding the natty-gritty of this. I wish I could afford managed Vps

I feel that I'm the odd one out looking for this documentation.

I've followed doc at these places:

  1. http://www.webtop.com.au/blog/how-to-setup-dns-using-webmin-2009052848
  2. http://www.beer.org.uk/bsacdns
  • If this is just for a single site, I suggest using your domain registrars nameservers or a 3rd party. It will make your life easier and provides immediate access to change your DNS should your VPS be down. Commented Jan 22, 2013 at 15:36

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I found this information from this website: https://www.virtacoresupport.com/index.php?_m=knowledgebase&_a=viewarticle&kbarticleid=134

  • Login to webmin.
  • Click on the Servers Icon once and wait for it to load fully.
  • On that page, locate the BIND DNS Server link and click on it (assume you install BIND version).
  • On the BIND DNS Server page, click on the Create a new master zone and wait for the page to load fully.

Now, the loaded page will show you a form asking for the following:

  • Zone type: Forward

  • Domain name / Network: Enter in your domain name(without the www)

  • Records file: Automatic

  • Master server: ns1.yourdomain.com (note... this ns should be the one you created atyour domain registrar)

  • Email address: //[email protected]// (as long as this is your valid email address)

Leave everything else as it is and press on the Create button.

After you have done that, you should be in the Edit Master Zone for your newly added domain. Find Name Server (1) and click on it so that you can add another name server.

In Add Name Server Record page, there is a form there asking for the following:

  • Zone Name: yourdomain.com. (remember there is one dot . at the end of your domain name).

  • Name Server: ns2.yourdomain.com. (this should be your second name server which you have created at your domain registrar.)

  • Leave everything else as it is and click on the Create button.

Ok, you have already added your domain name in BIND and now you need to point your domain name to a valid IP address by doing the following:

  • Go to Edit Master Zone page for your domain and click on Address and a form with the following fields will be loaded:

Name: yourdomin.com. (remember the ending dot) Address: your assigned IP address

  • Leave everything else as it is and click on the Create button.

Do the above step for your name servers (e.g. the two name servers which you have created at your domain registrar)?

Name: ns1.yourdomin.com. (remember the ending dot) Address: your assigned IP address (the one you assigned when creating this name server at your domain registrar)

Do the same for your ns2.yourdomain.com. ns1/ns2.yourdomain.com are just an example.

If you need to make your domain email to work, this step is important:

  • Click on the Mail Server link in your Edit Master Zone for your domain then a form will be loaded asking for the following:

Name: yourdomain.com. Mail Server: yourdomain.com. Priority: 10 (should be good enough) * Leave everything as it is and click on the Create button.

If you need other people able to reach your domain site with www in front:

  • Create a new Name Alias which can be found in your domain Edit Master Zone page. The form will ask you for the following:

Name: www.yourdomain.com. (again... remember the ending dot) Real Name: yourdomain.com. (remember the dot)

  • Once you have done all of the above, you have to start/restart NAME/BIND by going to the Module Index page for BIND then scroll all the way down and find for either Apply Changes or Start Named button.

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