Is there a way to get sitelinks on a Google SERP when searching on a site's name vs. the sites' web address?

Example, if you search "twin city kings", the first result is the website for Twin City Kings without sitelinks.

But if you search "twincitykings.com", the first result is the website for Twin City Kings with sitelinks.

Is it possible to get sitelinks on both SERPs?

Thanks for helping or clarifying.

Note: this question does not pertain to "how to get a sitelink". It pertains to why does the same site come up in different SERPs with and without Sitelinks.


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Enough good links to the domain name twincitykings.com with an anchor text of "twin city kings" will result site links for "twin city kings" too.

Google "needs to know" that twincitykings.com=twin city kings for sure. competitors for these KW might make it more difficult.

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