I have a website, thebleudoor.com. It is hosted by yahoo. It gets 2000-3000 hits a day and has been for at least 5 years.

A few months ago, as admin of the website, I started getting bounced back emails from newly created emails like d4f7a91f9@thebleudoor.com. Yahoo only shows 2 emails for my account. They said they can't do anything about it.

Now, my "spam hacked email accounts" are getting spam. They haven't altered or used my website or email or bank info, just the good name of my website. Is there anything I can do? Do I need to be concerned?

Changing my provider won't really help will it?


As I understand from your question, website is not hacked. probably it is a joe job, they're just sending emails that looks like it's from your domain.

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  • Thank you. Joe job as a name for it helped me find spam cop which had concrete steps for action. – ProfMJMcG Oct 13 '12 at 13:05

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