I added a new addon domain to my cPanel hosting. With the new added addon domain, I try to make some subdomain of it. But, the subdomain is not working like subfolder does.

This is my situation:

enter image description here

  1. mymaindomain.com (the cPanel primary domain - OK)
  2. myaddondomain.com (the new domain - OK)
  3. en.myaddondomain.com (subdomain of the new domain - not working)
  4. myaddondomain.com/en (subfolder of the new domain - OK)

What should I do to solve this issue?

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If your add on domain has not been set up to use nameservers, you will need to create a CNAME or A record in your DNS control panel (where you bought your domain name) to point your en subdomain to your server. How you do this varies between companies, but usually look something like this:

CNAME subdomain example

Here you can see that the test and www subdomains both point to the main domain. If your subdomain will be on the same server as your main domain, your en CNAME record can be set up the same way as this example to point to your main domain.

This is required because setting up a subdomain when you're managing your own DNS records requires two things:

  1. A DNS record for your subdomain so that the DNS server knows which IP address to send visitors requesting subdomain.example.com
  2. A server record for your subdomain so that the server knows which folder and files to serve when a visitor requests that subdomain.

It sounds like you have set up 2, but not 1.


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