I need a hardcore programmer to help me with URL masking.

So this is my situation.

  1. My website www.michaelfotograf.dk/blog/ is the main site that needs to be configured.
  2. I have another website/webhotel called www.umagepar.dk
  3. www.umagepar.dk is redirected to www.michaelfotograf.dk/blog/
  4. The blog is an ongoing project where i post a lot of stuff to get my ranking higher on google.
  5. www.umagepar.dk which redirect to www.michaelfotograf.dk/blog/ is also a project on is own, so I do not want people to know, that it is a blog connected with www.michaelfotograf.dk/blog/
  6. I therefore need to mask www.michaelfotograf.dk/blog/ so it will be called www.umagepar.dk in the URL in the searchbar at all times!

How can I do this?

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Your host at michaelfotograf.dk will need to support Addon (multiple) domains (as it is called in cPanel).

  1. In cPanel (for michaelfotograf.dk), setup umagepar.dk as an Addon domain, pointing to michaelfotograf.dk/blog/
  2. Change the nameservers for umagepar.dk to point to the DNS at michaelfotograf.dk
  3. Remove the redirection from umagepar.dk to michaelfotograf.dk/blog/
  4. Redirect michaelfotograf.dk/blog/ to umagepar.dk in order to prevent the user accessing the same content from different URLs (duplicate content).

.htaccess is only required to perform the final redirect, in order to prevent duplicate content - it is not necessary to perform the URL "masking".

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