We have a client that needs an e-commerce site set up pretty quickly. As I have no experience with e-commerce, I am looking for some guidance. Basically, the two big features we need are:

  1. Ability for customer to add info about order (example: the name the customer wants to be put on the customizable product they ordered)
  2. Ability for customer to upload photo of product to be customized

I hope this makes sense. Right now I am really looking into Shopify, but I can't tell if it does everything we need. I know you can add order notes when checking out, but not sure about image upload (maybe it can be added as an app through the API?).

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  1. Of course almost every checkout page will have a comments field, this is standard in most shopping carts. If this is not sufficient, then creating a custom field for each line item is almost always something that needs to customized by a developer. (Suggestion at end).

  2. Where will they upload the photo? On the product page or in the cart? This definitely sounds like a custom thing I think. I don't know any ecommerce platform that does this out of the box.

I don't think shopify will do this. Look at extensions/plugins/addons that the shopping cart solution provides. If nothing found, look into nopcommerce. There's also Magento, which has loads of extensions.

Do you have developers on staff? If so, use a platform that is built on language they understand.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

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