I had an old domain with a WordPress setup hosted by GoDaddy. I changed the business name and moved everything over to a new site, new domain, and new host a couple of years ago. I let the old domain expire.

It was recently purchased by someone for cheap, article spun content. Now, anytime they post a new article, it's automatically posted to my Twitter account. I contacted them to remove this, but given the quality of their spun articles, I doubt they will remove it.

Is there any recourse I have through Twitter or the host to get this removed?

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It sounds like you once set up a third-party service to automatically post the RSS feed for that domain to your twitter account. The old domain now has an active RSS feed again, and so the third-party service is posting to your account once more. You can revoke access to third-party apps by following these steps:

  1. Log into your twitter account at https://twitter.com
  2. Visit the verified apps page at https://twitter.com/settings/applications
  3. Click "Revoke access" next to any apps you don't recognise or no longer have use for: revoke access button

This will prevent the previously authorised application from posting to twitter on your behalf.

It would also be a good idea to change your twitter password if you haven't already.

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