I have two WordPress multisites under one domain - city-x.domain.com and city-y.domain.com. domain.com is a landing page where you select your city, and a cookie will redirect the user to that city on subsequent visits.

I'd like to be able to track the number of hits on all pages on domain.com, city-x.domain.com and city-y.domain.com separately and combined. How is this

On a side note, I've heard that GA underestimates hits. As this is important for advertising purposes, is there a better free service?

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I've configured separate profiles for each sub domains and main website, in Google Analytics.

  1. Create an 'Account' first (say, citynewtwork)
  2. Create 3 different 'Properties' under that account (say, website, cityx, cityy)
  3. Create your 'Profiles' under each of the three properties

You'll get separate tracking code for each profiles...

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