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Does Google penalize .me or .tv sites?

I have a website in which the content is not country specific. The TLD is currently .it but the company is hosted and based in the United States. I'm wondering if a .it domain will negatively effect the site's search rankings. Is it better to use a .com TLD?

For example (I don't actually own these domains), would the domain love.it have a worse ranking than loveit.com? (Assuming the content of the sites is the same)

I've been searching everywhere for an answer with not much luck. Any advice would be very helpful.


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No. From Google's FAQ:

*.com, .org, .gov, .ponies—does my top-level domain impact my site's performance in search?

Google's goal is to return the best and most relevant results to the user, regardless of the top-level domain. If our system determines that the best result is a page on a new gTLD, we'll return that page in search results.*


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    This is not correct when compared to ccTLD and gTLD.
    – William
    Feb 8, 2016 at 4:40

However, Google does use ccTLDs as a signal for geotargeting, so if you can avoid using a ccTLD for content which is intended to have a wider audience than a specific country, I'd recommend doing so.

There's a very similar question/discussion here: Advantages of country TLD vs. .com


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