I am thinking about copying our content (text content especially) from our main site (eg: example.com) to the mobile version of the site (eg: m.example.com or example.com/m).

What are the SEO side effects of doing so?

Do SEO experts recommend this practice?

If you have external articles or reference, hope you guys can share here also.

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I usually put the same content on both. Apart the fact that the mobile version is of course a bit lighter. But the content is the same.

To avoid duplicate content or other bad thing, I use Switchboard Tags (source).

Basically (sorry this is an image from the previous blog):

enter image description here


Why don't you use CSS to serve your mobile website on the same url? I haven't tried it but I believe it should be possible, you can just have two different css and switch them based on user agent.

  • Yeap, that is responsive website. I'm on my way to finish it. :) Just asking here. Sep 11, 2012 at 14:27

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