Several times in the past I've bought a domain through Google Apps, and every year Google automatically renews the domain for $10.

Somehow when I did this today, I ended up additionally being signed up for an annual Google Apps for Business plan at $12/license/yr. I don't need this; I'm only one user.

I'd like to cancel this $12/yr Google Apps plan without cancelling the automatical $10/yr domain renewal. However, there is no "cancel" or "downgrade" link, apparently (according to the help docs) because I have an annual pre-paid account. If I choose not to auto-renew my annual account, it also declines auto-renewal of my domain.

How can I make this domain just like my others -- auto-renewed at $10/yr, with a free Google Apps account in front of it?

  • AFAIK you'd pick the free option (left column) before you begin? I'm not sure where $12/yr comes from, I thought Google Apps for Business starts at $50/user/yr? – MrWhite Sep 3 '12 at 22:57

In fact, I was signed up for the Free edition, but misunderstood the UI. Three things happened that caused me to misunderstand:

  1. Google Apps are transitioning to a new billing system, so my new domain's Google Apps UI looked different from my old domains' UIs. It has a "Billing & Subscriptions" tab. I thought this meant I must have done something different.

  2. Enom raised their registration rate from $10/yr to $12/yr, and the new Billing & Registration tab lists that fee as "$12/license/year" (IMO it should be listed as $12/domain/year)

  3. Google Apps has a typo under the Domain Names tab, which separately lists registration of my domain at $10/yr. They will update this to $12/yr for Enom.

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