I'm exporting products data from our enterprise Erp to a Prestashop installation.

Our ERP products code are alphanumerics like A001, A002, etc. I would like to use this code into Prestashop, but if I'm not wrong, Prestashop Id is numerical.

So, does a field like "External Product Code" exist that I can use in the Products table in Prestashop?


While Prestashop does use a unique numerical autonumber to identify products (ps_product.id_product), there are also three fields into which you could provide external references - Reference Code, EAN-13 or JAN Barcode, and UPC Barcode, though it is apparent the Reference Code field (ps_product.reference) would be the most appropriate and does not have any validation other than to limit the acceptable characters to alphanumerics and special characters .-_#\.

Since this question was asked some time ago I'm not sure which version of Prestahop @stighy would have had installed and be referring to, however having checked I can confirm that this reference field was present in v1.4.11.0 and is still present in v1.6.0.14.

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